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Protecting Assets from Creditors

Riverside Estate Planning Lawyer Representing You

One major concern of many individuals is the protection of their assets from creditors and many other entities. At Sandoval Legacy Group, a Division of Holstrom, Block & Parke APLC, we recognize the detrimental effects of asset seizure and confiscation; if you work with us, you can be sure that we will work to build an asset protection plan that is effective and helps achieve your goals. It is important to recognize that there are a number of various methods by which you can protect your assets, and there are a number of sources from which you may want protection.

Protecting Your Assets from Other Entities

Among the many different options that you may have for protecting your assets are the following:

  • Living trust
  • Offshore trust
  • Family limited partnership (FLP)
  • Limited liability corporation (LLC)

There are also a number of different sources that could try and seize your assets, such as court judgments, creditors, divorced spouses, and many others. Our office offers two specific trust options that are designed to protect against two specific situations, and it is crucial that you consider these options and how you may benefit from them.

Access Trust
An access trust is designed to protect assets designated for your child beneficiary from the child’s parent, whom you have divorced. There are ways for the assets you designate to your child to end up in the possession and control of your ex-spouse. The access trust allows the beneficiary access to the income and assets in order to control the manner by which they are invested, all while maintaining the separation of these assets as the beneficiary’s property.

Sentry Trust
While an access trust is a great option for protection from a divorced spouse, it provides no protection from lawsuits, judgments or creditors. The sentry trust can be invested for a beneficiary so as to benefit them, but also to protect against creditors, judgments, and other elements that would threaten to seize the assets. Our office can also design this trust as an incentive for your child to graduate, or to help in the down payment of a home.

Probate Lawyer in Riverside, CA

If you are seeking methods of asset protection, then you need to consult with a representative from Sandoval Legacy Group, a Division of Holstrom, Block & Parke APLC as soon as possible. With more than three decades of combined experience, and a proven track record of success, our legal team can work with you to help you achieve the results that you desire. Contact us today to discuss your desires, and to begin pursuing the asset protection you need. A Riverside estate planning attorney at Sandoval Legacy Group, a Division of Holstrom, Block & Parke APLC, would love to assist you today!

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